Outdoor Services

Outdoor Services

Need help with your lawn, garden, or garden projects?

We can help you create a great looking outdoor space you can be sure will be easily maintained and look terrific. From garden paths to flowerbeds to pond installation or maintenance to irrigation solutions - Katy Construction & Remodeling offers professional installation as well as other landscaping solutions. From outdoor barbeque spaces to fire pits, we can help you bring your vision to reality.

From Rosenberg to Tomball, Katy Construction & Remodeling will come to you to give you an expert estimate of the scope of the job. You can trust we will complete the job using the highest quality durable materials, within your time frame & within your budget to giving your home a long lasting style.
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Bring Your Cooking Skills Outdoors

Choose us for outdoor kitchen installation services in Katy, TX

Do you love cooking in a beautiful kitchen? Do you also enjoy grilling out and eating dinner outdoors? An outdoor kitchen may just be the thing for you. Katy Construction & Remodeling is home to skilled contractors who can bring your vision to reality. Over the past 15+ years, we have completed a variety of residential and commercial projects, including outdoor kitchen installations.

Call us today to discuss the vision you have for your outdoor kitchen in Katy, TX.

3 benefits of installing an outdoor kitchen

You already have a kitchen inside your home. Now it’s time to take your cooking skills up a notch with an outdoor kitchen. Here are some reasons why you should schedule an outdoor kitchen installation with Katy Construction & Remodeling. Outdoor kitchens are:

  1. Great for entertaining guests when you don’t have a lot of indoor space.
  2. Awesome additions that will boost your property’s value.
  3. Perfect for creating space where you can spend time with family and friends outdoors.

Discover more benefits of an outdoor kitchen installation by contacting us today.